P. Ramlee's House

p ramlee house penangThis landmark commemorates the late larger than life comedian, actor, singer, composer and film director P.Ramlee, It chronicles his life story and showcases his memorabilia.

P. Ramlee, the Malaysian movie legend, was born in the house of his grandmother in Counter Hall, Penang. So the house located on an off-road to Counter Hall Road (renamed Jalan P. Ramlee after its distinguished resident on 30 August, 1983) is technically P. Ramlee's Birth House, or to be exact, P. Ramlee's grandmother's house. It was however misleadingly called the P. Ramlee House. This humble Malay kampung house that would have passed for any other, if not for the fact that Malaysia's most famous entertainer was born there.

This is in fact the replica of P. Ramlee's grandmother's house. It was celebrated because P. Ramlee was born there. However, he stayed with his parents at the City Council quarters in Kampung Jawa, not far from the present GAMA departmental store today.

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