Air Itam Dam

air itam damOpened in 1962, the dam is a poplar recreational and picnic venue. It is located on gentle hillocks, next to Penang Hill. The dam commands panoramic views of the island and George Town.

The Air Hitam Dam is an oasis of peace and nature, you can enjoy (mountain) hikes. Except on Sundays and in the early morning hours. Then the Malay come for jogging and recreation. But during the week it is an oasis of peace. The dam, which was built in 1914, is located in the town Air (H) Itam. In this town you will also find the Kek Lok Si and the train to Penang Hill. You can reach the dam by a winding road up the mountain. The road begins at the market in the town of Air Itam goes along the Kek Lok Si up. You leave the Kek Lok Si "left" behind and you drive straight up until the road ends. Note: the drive up is steep and there are a few speed bumps on this road.

If you are at the end of the road you can park your car in a small parking area, so you may need to park your car a little further down the road. 

At weekends and public holidays it can be crowded. Luckily we went on a "weekday".
It's a tarred road and we noticed a lot of cyclists (who cycled all the way uphill!). You will be mesmerized by the beautiful scenery once you got up there.


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