The Suffolk House

suffolkhouse 1The Suffolk House was built in the 1780s on a vast estate owned by the founder of Penang, Captain Francis Light. The mansion features authentic Anglo-Indian architecture. Which earned it a special recognition from UNESCO. Today it is a part of an upscale restaurant.

In Penang, Malaysia, the Suffolk House refers to two early residences built on the same site located some four miles west of George Town, Penang, on the banks of the Air Itam River (Black Water River in the Malay language). The earliest of the two buildings is notable for serving as the residence of Francis Light, the founder of the British settlement on the Prince of Wales Island, commonly known as Penang Island. Following Light's death in 1794, and with Penang becoming the fourth presidency of India in 1805, a newer Suffolk House replaced the original house, assuming multiple roles and was later neglected before its current restoration.

The mansion and the estate it was built on, the Suffolk Estate, is presumably named after Suffolk county in England. Light was born in Dallinghoo, Suffolk in East Anglia.



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