Kek Lok Si Temple

kekloksiKek Lok Si Temple, is the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia, began construction in 1980. Houses a 7-storey handcrafted "Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas" and a 30.2m bronze Kuan Yin statue. The temple lights up in remarkable fashion during Chinese New Year. Over 200,000 decorative lights and lanterns will illuminate Kek Lok Si during this festive period.

Built since the year 1891, Kek Lok Si Temple situated in the island of Penang, Malaysia, is one of the largest and finest temples complexes in Southeast Asia.

With millions of magnificent images of Buddha and hundreds of beautiful meaningful carvings, sculptures and murals in the interior and exterior of the temple halls, pagodas and archways, Kek Lok Si Temple is not just a center for Chinese culture and Buddha teaching, but also an unique heritage treasures that have Mahayana Buddhism and traditional Chinese rituals blend into a harmonious whole, in temple architecture and daily activities of worshipers.



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