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Built in 1845, this Thai Buddhist temple has one of the largest Reclining Buddha statues in the worl. Spectacular to behold, the statue is completely gold plated and measures 33 metres in length. You will also find magnificently crafted statues of Devas and other mystical creatures on temple grounds.

Located in Lorong Burma, this Burmese temple is the favoured venue for the Songkaran Festivities. Thailand's traditional New Year Day, which is celebrated in April. The temple's serene surroundings feature a Bodhi tree, wishing pond and a Pagoda.

The Fort Cornwallis (Malay: Kota Cornwallis) is a star fort that the British East India Company built in the late 18th century on the northeastern coast of Penang Island, Malaysia. It is named after the late 18th century Governor-General of Bengal, India, Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis. Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort in Malaysia. In its entire history, the fort has never engaged in any battle.

PBFYou’ll enjoy watching the artisans perform the delicate art of batik, using hot wax to design and dye cotton fabric in the traditional way at Penang Batik Factory. The factory shop offers an array of batik clothing, accessories and household items for men, women and children. All are of very high quality and reasonably priced in cotton and silk fabrics. So you will combine a cultural experience with the opportunity to buy high quality souvenirs.

kkchKongsi or "clan halls", are benevolent organizations of popular origin found among overseas Chinese communities for individuals with the same surname. This type of social practice arose several centuries ago in China.

Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi, or Khoo Kongsi for short, is one of the most distinctive Chinese clan associations in Malaysia. It is well known worldwide for its extensive lineage that can be traced back 650 years ago, as well as its closely-knit and defensive congregation of buildings and magnificent temple.

The Khoo Kongsi is a clan association of the Leong San Tong (Dragon Mountain Hall) clan, whose forefathers came from Xiangcheng in Hokkien province. 

The Khoos were among the wealthy Chinese traders of early Penang. In the 19th century, the clan complex resembled a miniature village, with its own self-government as well as educational, financial, welfare and social organisations. The clan temple was built in 1906 when the Khoo clan was at the height of wealth and eminence in Penang society.

pch1The Penang City Hall is a British-built, Edwardian-style building in George Town, Penang. Formerly the seat of the City Council of George Town, this building is currently the seat of the Penang Island City Council.

Originally built in 1903 as the Municipal Office, the building was erected at a cost of $100,000 to relieve the demand for office space at the adjacent Penang Town Hall. The name "City Hall" dates from the grant of city status to George Town in 1957.

Both buildings overlook the historic parade ground (the Padang) along Esplanade Road, and affords a panoramic view of the Esplanade. Across the street, a Cenotaph, built to commemorate the First World War dead, stands at the Esplanade facing the sea.

Built in 1903, this is the headquarters of the Penang Islan Municipal Council. A World War 1 monument for fallen soldier is also located here.

Masjid Terapung PenangMalaysia's first floating mosque at the sea is located along the scenic stretch of Tanjung Bunga. Accommodating up to 1,500 worshippers, the mosque features a blend of local and Middle Eastern architecture with a seven-storey minaret.

penang war museumThe Penang War Museum is built on the remnants of an old British fort which defended Penang's coast. It features old war relics and depicts the lifestyle of soldiers in those times. The historic site is an ideal setting for paintball tournaments.

pgbridgeOpened in 1985, the Penang Bridge spans 13.5km and is the main link between Penang Island and the mainland on Peninsular Malaysia. It is also the annual site for the Penang Bridge International Marathon. Since 2008, a 24km second bridge had started building, and will connect the southeastern part of the island to the mainland.

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