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kekloksiKek Lok Si Temple, is the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia, began construction in 1980. Houses a 7-storey handcrafted "Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas" and a 30.2m bronze Kuan Yin statue. The temple lights up in remarkable fashion during Chinese New Year. Over 200,000 decorative lights and lanterns will illuminate Kek Lok Si during this festive period.

bfarmDespite its name, there are more than just butterflies living here. The farm has over 3000 living specimens from over 50 species of rare and exotic butterflies, frogs, scorpions and other insects.

Escape Theme ParkEscape reintroduces outdoor play of a childhood past in a contemporary setting through thought provoking activities and theme. This quirky fun destination was conceived and born in Penang to a well known international theme park designer who is a Penangite also.

suffolkhouse 1The Suffolk House was built in the 1780s on a vast estate owned by the founder of Penang, Captain Francis Light. The mansion features authentic Anglo-Indian architecture. Which earned it a special recognition from UNESCO. Today it is a part of an upscale restaurant.

PenangToyMuseumAsia's first and the world's largest Toy Museum. Houses a collection of toys and 100 iconic life size figures. Its Heritage Garden grows wealth of tropical herbs spices, fruit trees and carnivorous plants.

air itam damOpened in 1962, the dam is a poplar recreational and picnic venue. It is located on gentle hillocks, next to Penang Hill. The dam commands panoramic views of the island and George Town.

p tsg signboardThe garden is home to over 500 exotic varieties of plants. Its undulating landscaped trails invite visitors on a mesmerising, refreshing discovery.

snake1Built in 1850, the temple is dedicated to Chor Soo Kong a priest who was believed to have extraordinary healing powers. According to local folklore, a religious man offered the pit vipers shelter from danger and since then they have stayed in the temple.

smOne of the most beautiful mosques in the country, construction of the State Mosque was completed inj 1980. Elegant and Iconic the mosque is located on a 45 hectare land easily accomodating 5,000 worshippers.

bferingghiBatu Feringgi is one of Penang's most popular beaches and draws endless streams of tourists every year. Along this winding stretch of beach, you will find a host of attractions such as ocean sports, parasailing, horse riding and even a night bazaar.

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